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Is Chiropractic Ok For Me?

Backpack Safety

September is here and school is back in session! Make sure you are protecting your loved ones from backpack back pain.  Backpacks that are too heavy can cause problems for kids including back, neck, and shoulder pain as well as contributing to poor posture.  While it’s common these days to see children carrying as much […]

Whiplash Injuries? Your Chiropractor Can Help

If you have been in a car accident, you may be suffering from whiplash.  Whiplash is caused by your neck bending forcibly forward and then backward, or vice versa.  Most whiplash injuries result from a collision that includes sudden acceleration or deceleration due to being rear-ended in an automobile accident.  They can also be a […]

The Fall is a Perfect Time To Take a Walk!

Fall is finally here!  Cooler temperatures and the beautiful landscape changing with fall colored leaves make it a perfect time to get out and hit your local walking trail.  There are many health benefits to simply taking a walk. You don’t need to join a fancy gym or buy the latest equipment to work out […]

It’s August! Time for a Chiropractic Checkup for your Children

Are your kids getting ready for school?  Your child might be missing an important ingredient necessary for a successful school year…a healthy nervous system!  Remember, your nervous system controls everything your body does.  It is responsible for moving, memory, learning, concentration, immunity, coordination in athletics, and to heal injuries. Chiropractic care is good not only […]

Chiropractic Care can help boost your child’s immune system

As the school year approaches, it is unfortunately time to think about the dreaded germs and viruses that come when kids start hanging out in school. Chiropractic care improves immunity by helping to improve digestive health.  Nerves from the spinal cord that control gut mobility and function can be impaired by subluxation.  Regular chiropractic care […]

Tech Neck-It’s a Real Thing!

Chiropractors are seeing a rising trend called “Tech Neck”.  In this age of technology both children and adults are glued to their devices, whether it is a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.  We like to play our favorite apps, watch funny videos, or stay connected to our work responsibilities.  When we look at our phones, we […]

In a Car Accident? Your Chiropractor Can Help!

If you have been in a car accident you have probably experienced neck, back, or shoulder pain.  Chiropractic care is a safe and drugless approach to treating these serious conditions and getting you back to the life you knew before your injuries. Call Dr. Jeffrey Klein, Klein Chiropractic Center, West Chester, PA, at (610) 918-9455 […]

Chiropractic Care in the Summer Months

Chiropractic Care is essential during the summer months when we are all outside and more active.   Whether it’s a car ride to the Shore or a long plane ride to a tropical island, staying aligned will help you be more comfortable during that trip. Schedule your appointment now to get adjusted before your trip and […]

Dr. Klein-Highly Rated West Chester Chiropractor

Dr. Jeffrey Klein has been providing quality chiropractic care in the West Chester area for over 26 years.  His interest in Chiropractic sparked at an early age when his mother took him to a chiropractor for his bad allergies.  After simple chiropractic adjustments,  he saw first hand the dramatic benefits to spinal adjustments on his […]

Suffering from Brain Fog – Your Chiropractor Can Help

Lots of people actually suffer from something called “Brain Fog”.  Symptoms can include not being able to think clearly, talk logically, poor concentration, mental fatigue, inability to focus, confusion, and forgetfulness.  If you are one of the many people who deal with this regularly, you are not alone.  Here are a few tips for turning […]


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