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Unfortunately, Spring isn’t the only season that can make you suffer with allergies-Autumn can also be a sniffly, runny nosed season!  When you are dealing with seasonal allergies, your immune system is trying to fight off a substance you are sensitive to by releasing histamines, which leads to unpleasant symptoms.  Common Fall allergy symptoms include:  runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, itchy nose and coughing and wheezing and sneezing. These irritants can include specific types of mold, pollen, and weeds, which all pick up toward the end of summer.  It’s important to note that fall allergy symptoms overlap with the common cold and flu season and do not cause a fever.

What causes these allergies?

Ragweed pollen is one of the most common triggers of allergies in the Fall.   It starts pollenating in late summer and can continue through October.  Even if it’s not prevalent in your area, its pollen can travel hundreds of miles in the air.

Mold is another common cause of allergies.  It can grow outside in wet piles of leaves and can be tracked into the home.  Breathing in spores can aggravate asthma and cause heaving breathing, wheezing, and other upper respiratory symptoms.

Dust mites contribute to allergy season once we turn on our heaters.  Remember to place a clean air filter into your furnace at the beginning of the season to help mitigate indoor allergies through fall and winter.

Chiropractic treatments have been found to be very effective for relieving allergy symptoms.  When your spine is not aligned it can impact your nervous system leading to a variety of problems, including allergies.  Your immune system can be affected causing it to malfunction.  A chiropractor can help relieve stress on your nervous system by aligning your spine.  This takes the pressure off of nerves, allowing your immune system to function at a more optimal level.  This makes it easier for your body to ward off infections while recognizing allergens as harmless.

For help with your seasonal allergies, visit Dr. Jeffrey Klein, Klein Chiropractic Center, West Chester, PA.