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According to the American Chiropractic Association, 80% of Americans experience back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is also recognized as the leading cause of disability. There are many non-surgical methods to treating back pain, some starting as simple lifestyle changes. A few guidelines for caring for back and neck pain include meditation and relaxation. It is vital for one to not over exert themselves, both physically and emotionally when experiencing back and neck pain. In some cases, the pain is relative to one’s emotional state and where they carry their stress. Another guideline is to ice the painful area: ice can alleviate pain by slowing swelling and inflammation. A recommended time period for icing the affected area is 10-15 minutes every few hours. Along with ice, maintaining a schedule of stretching and massage therapy will allow the sore tissues to relax and repair themselves. Keeping the body moving with light exercises after stretching can promote muscle strength along the affected area. It is key to lift with one’s legs and bend at the knees rather than lift with the back and bend at the hips. Not only is exercise posture important, but sleep posture will help maintain proper curvature of the spine as well. Recommended ways to improve spinal curvature while sleeping is to use a firmer mattress and lumbar/cerivcal support. A pillow or rolled up towel can act as support if placed under the lower back and/or neck area. Getting a full nights  sleep is just as important for the healing process too! Another vital tip is to watch what you eat being consumed .Reducing consumption of trans fats, refined sugars, and nicotine can lessen pain and inflammation. Do not do the steps listed if any of the methods increase pain or weakness in the limbs and/or back area, and schedule a consultation. We are located in West Chester, PA and Dr. Klein has 25 years of experience treating muscloskeltal condititons.