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Are your kids getting ready for school?  Your child might be missing an important ingredient necessary for a successful school year…a healthy nervous system!  Remember, your nervous system controls everything your body does.  It is responsible for moving, memory, learning, concentration, immunity, coordination in athletics, and to heal injuries.

Chiropractic care is good not only for adults but also for children.  It is an essential part of a child’s overall wellness.  Misalignments in the spine, or “subluxations” can cause a variety of problems.  Poor posture, back pain, asthma, and stomach troubles can all be caused by subluxations.

Posture correction is crucial for school-aged children who may spend much of their day hunched over a desk, cell phone, laptop, or carrying a heavy backpack.  When a child’s spine is out of alignment, it will be more difficult for them to keep a healthy posture.  This leads to more subluxations.  Regular chiropractic care can help fix the subluxations and help make it easier for your child to be active and pain-free. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Klein, Klein Chiropractic Center.