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When thinking of October, you may imagine crisp leaves, pumpkin flavored everything, or the frenzy of Halloween.  But there’s something else synonymous with October…candy!  Whether it’s the 3 pound bags of candy popping up at your local Walmart or the bowl of candy sitting on the counter, candy in the month of October is nearly inescapable.  What is the harm of one bite-size Snickers every so often?  Sugar in moderation is acceptable, right?

According to the American Heart Assocation, children should not be consuming any more than four teaspoons of surgar per day, this equates to about grams.  This recommendation is exceeded within minutes of traditional Halloween festivities.  Here are some suggestions on how to still enjoy a treat or two without going overboard:


There are ways to enjoy these delicacies without the guilt.  One way to do this is by controlling your portions.  Opt for a small plate at a potluck or eat a large salad before taking off to a holiday party.  This way, you can still indulge without guilt or an upset stomach.


For many, the holidays mean a little more time off work than usual.  Take this opportunity for a mid morning jog or even hit the gym to even out your holiday food indulging.  This will allow you to effectively burn off the excess calories.  Not to mention, getting into a habit of exercise before the start of a new year can’t hurt either.

Make substitutions

Skim over your grandma’s famous cookie recipes and try to discover creative alternatives to ingrediants high in calories or saturated fat.  For example, plant based butters are healthier and even comparative in taste to conventional butter  Coconut milk whip cream is a definate contender to its dairy coounterpart.

Along with eating healthy and cutting back on sugary treats, schedule your appointment with Dr. Klein, Klein Chiropractic Center, West Chester, PA , who can help with all of your chiropractic needs.