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Many golfers will experience a degree of back pain at one time or another.  Many professional golfers have undergone back surgery to remedy the chronic back pain they have faced through golfing.  Chiropractic care can help golfers with their back and golf game without the use of pain medications or surgery!!

Here’s why!  Swinging a golf club takes alot of coordination between several body parts.  It is amazing how many muscles are used in a round of golf.  Therefore, if one area of your body or one muscle is not able to perform at its optimal level, it can cause other parts to overcompensate, which leads to pain!  Most athletes, not just golfers, go into any game with subluxations, or misalignments, to the spine.  When your spine is not in its proper alignment, the rest of your body will suffer.  Playing any sport with a poor spine leads to poor performance, poor posture, and ultimately more injuries.

Whether you are a weekend golfer or consider yourself a pro, see Dr. Jeffrey Klein of Klein Chiropractic Center, West Chester, PA  for regular wellness adjustments that can help your golf swing and will allow you to hit to the ball straighter.